Screen Printing in San Diego

Screen Printing in San Diego

Are you in need of custom t-shirts for personal or professional purposes? You are in luck! Call Extra Graphic today. 

Our team at Extra Graphic is dedicated to creating quality t-shirts for customers throughout the San Diego area. One of the most popular methods we use for making t-shirts for customers is screen printing. Screen printing is a widely popular method used to print images and designs to custom tees due to the quality and clarity of images.

Screen printed t-shirts add fun and flair to your wardrobe. Whether you are interested in purchasing a shirt with images, text, or a combination of both – we are here for you. Our team at Extra Graphic provides top quality and customized screen printed tees that are sure to please.

What is Screen Printing and What are Its Benefits?

Screen printing is the process of transferring ink onto t-shirts through the use of mesh. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill in any open areas of the mesh with ink. A reverse stroke is then used to substrate and pull the ink back out of the mesh apertures. Screen printing involves the printing of one color at a time to create stylish and attractive designs.

Screen printing is an exceptional option for t-shirt printing designs for a variety of reasons. First, these designs bring forth a true factor of originality. One of the key benefits of screen printed shirts is that they can have any design you want. Whether you want our print shop to design a shirt for you, or you have a design of your own, it can be applied attractively to make a finished product.

Screen printed shirts are extremely durable and resilient. These shirts are designed to last. Gone are the days of worrying about your shirt design cracking or flaking off. Instead, our quality shirts are designed to last.

Finally, you will get more for less. In comparison to other types of t-shirt designs, screen printed products are more affordable. Please do not mistake – you are definitely getting the biggest bang for your buck with these products.

Our team at Extra Graphic offers quality screen printing on various products with top-quality materials and products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

The Screen Printing Process

From concept to reality, we pay particular attention to the blends and qualities of our print. Our unique approach ensures customers are completely satisfied with their shirts. Unless you have personally worked in a screen printing shop, you may not be aware of what goes into creating screen printed shirts.

When screen printing products for customers, we first begin by drawing the design. Whether a customer comes in with a pre-designed image or wants a custom design, we work through a design cycle to ensure all images are appropriately colored and sized to fit on the t-shirt, bag, or desired product.

After the design process is complete, we scan it into the computer and make final adjustments. After loading the design on the computer, we can clean up the lines, add color and text, and add finishing touches to the designs before processing. In many cases, we process art digitally, which eliminates the need for hand drawing or making physical images. Instead, we utilize top-quality imaging software to craft attractive logos, images, and designs.

After the final touches are made, we begin by printing film positives. We separate each color in the design before creating application screens. Each separate layer is printed in black toner onto a clear surface for application. After the printing process is complete, we begin making the screens. We use metal frames that are covered with a tightly stretched acrylic mesh fabric. The mesh-covered frames are coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, which affixes the film to the screen. The frames are then placed onto a large vacuum table where they are exposed to intense light for a short period. The exposure time depends on the amount of detail in the art as well as the tightness of the fabric weave. Once the calculated exposure process is complete, the frames are then rinsed and ready to set into the press.

A press operator loads the frames into the press and prints one color at a time. The operator performs a process called registration. This process involves aligning the screen accurately in the machine. Once the screens are all registered and aligned, the press operator then adds the appropriate ink for each frame and runs a sample through. The press operator will print all of the colors and make adjustments as necessary.

Once the test print is performed and all adjustments are made, the screen press operator will then load the shirts into the screen printing pallet and make its way through each station. A different ink color will be applied at each station until the shirt makes its way through the entire process. The belt then carries the shirt through a dryer where it is exposed to a high temperature that cures the ink. After exiting the dryer, the shirt continues along the belt. We inspect every product to ensure the colors and designs are flawless.

Types of Inks we Use for Screen Printing

Over the past decade, we have seen a major increase in the national preference for water-based inks. This increase is particularly due to the environmental factors this ink contains. Water-based inks are free of harsh chemicals that can impact our health and the quality of our air and environment.

At Extra Graphic, we use a water-based ink that is both effective and eco-friendly. Our water-based inks provide soft prints that last longer, are more breathable to wear, and show extremely bright on dark fabrics. We opt to use water-based paint due to the fact that it is better for the environment, but also for the fact that it works extremely well for color matching and is perfect for both soft and thick materials. Although water-based inks are an excellent option for any style of printing, they work exceptionally well for retro designs. The minimal feel-to-touch of this ink helps ensure it achieves a nice vintage feel for each print.

In addition to providing clear and attractive prints for t-shirts, water-based inks feel amazing on the skin! They do not feel thick and sticky like harsh Plastisol inks. Instead, they provide a smooth quality finish that doesn’t crack and split after extended wear.

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Over the years, our team at Extra Graphic screen printing has continued to provide quality products that satisfy customers. We offer screen printing on tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, zip-up, towels, bags, and more! We help customers create custom tees that set them apart from the rest. Contact us today at 619-354-XTRA (9872) to request a quote for your screen printing needs.