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Embroidery T-Shirts and Products in San Diego

Embroidery has been one of the most popular and high-class fashion trends for decades. From dad hats to letter jackets, to stylish t-shirts, embroidery is everywhere. If you’re searching for a long-lasting, beautiful, basically indestructible design (with care), embroidery may be the choice for you. So much goes into crafting a high-quality piece of embroidered material. We at Extra Graphics are passionate about creating high-quality, comfortable, attractive pieces of attire that reflect your design desires perfectly. We offer custom-made embroidered designs for any and every occasion, ranging from work attire to party attire, and more.

Embroidery design is rather different from screen-printing design. With embroidery, your design is reproduced by stitching it directly into fabric. With screen-printing, your design is reproduced by squeezing ink through a mesh screen onto the fabric. We have compiled some information that will help you to ready your graphic design idea for embroidery. First, though, we’ve included an explanation of what embroidery is to help you better understand your medium choice.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is defined as the art of decorating material using a needle and thread, primarily textile fabric.You create the design yourself, or with our assistance if you so choose, and we transfer it onto the fabric using sewing and needlework. It can be done by hand or machine, depending on the type of design. While hand embroidery adds a personal touch to the piece, embroidering machines work much quicker and more precisely. Machine embroidery allows for the perfect design for any occasion or to personalize any project. We take pride in high quality craftsmanship at Extra Graphic, which is why our highly experienced and creative team of graphic designers utilizes only the best quality products in creating your designs.

Embroidery is a form of versatile and delicate needlework that can be done on many different materials. It is made to last, and is an ancient, beautiful form of artwork. The design you choose is sewn directly onto the product of your choice for a clean, classic look. Great care is taken by our graphic design team in order to select the right colors, thread, and material for your piece. You may also take part in this selection in order to customize your product to fit your own personal preferences and desires. Embroidery is preferred by many of our San Diego customers who are looking for a more elegant, yet durable form of decoration for their shirts, hats, or other pieces.

Embroidery dates all the way back to the Cro-Magnon days of humanity, thousands of years ago. It has made its way through time with us and has continuously been used by people everywhere to express their creativity as well as other ideas and functions, such as maps and informative signs. During a recent archeological find, fossilized remains of heavily hand-embroidered clothing, hats, and boots were found. Traces of embroidery have been discovered throughout the world dating all the way back to 5000 and 6000 B.C., still intact and decipherable. If care is taken in preserving your final product, it can last for generations to come.

Choosing the Right File Type

Submitting the correct type of file is the first step in ensuring your embroidery project is ready to be crafted. Raster or Vector files are needed in order to get the ball rolling with your design. You can click here in order to read through the specifications for each on our website’s Artwork Guidelines page.

Choosing the Right Apparel for Your Design

Your choice of apparel can have an affect on your embroidered design in numerous ways. Hats, for example, offer limited space for design. Due to this, it is important to monitor the specs on the front of the hat in order to ensure that your design is the appropriate size. Which material you choose is also important. For instance, embroidered art will appear differently on a cloth beanie than it would on a work shirt. Cloth beanie material tends to be softer and thicker, which causes the finer details to become lost in the fabric.

Fine Details

Light colored, very fine lines may not turn out as expected with embroidery. If you do fancy a design with small details, consider screen printing instead. Embroidery is essentially sewing, if you can think of what that is like. Fine lines are often crafted with a series of small stitches, and the negative space between stitches can make them look more like dots than lines. Darkening small details and fine lines can help them to show up correctly in your finished product.

Things to Consider

Keep in mind that high quality embroidery always stems from files designed for thread. That being said, embroidery does not produce the same fine-lined details that screen printing or dye simulation may due to decorative thread being a less precise and less versatile medium. Try to remember this when creating your design for embroidering. Attempt to avoid things like very thin lines, very small text, and narrow spacing. Text should be kept at the minimum .02 or larger.

When it comes to figuring the cost of embroidery vs another form of graphic design like screen printing, embroidery is often more expensive, but it depends on the quantity of items decorated and the number of colors used in the design. If you’re seeking simply one text color or a large quantity of polo shirts, screen printing would be the cheaper option. Embroidered items are usually priced at a flat rate and don’t depend on the number of colors incorporated. For complex logos and images, this makes embroidery the exceptional choice. Screen printing may be expensive depending on the number of colors used or layers it takes to create the design.

Embroidery is a great option when it comes to putting a design on a polo shirt or hat, as these are thicker forms of material that go well with the thicker nature of embroidery. Regular t-shirts may be better suited for the thinner, flatter nature of screen printing designs.

An embroidered item’s design will not fade or wash out, as it becomes a part of the fabric itself. Also, unlike screen printing, there are no limits to the number of colors that can be used in an embroidered design. Embroidery prints are usually programmed into a machine so it is much easier for a computer to switch between colors when transferring your design onto fabric.

A disadvantage of embroidery is that it does tend to cost more up front. However, this is worth it when you consider the extreme durability and high quality of these products. If you are looking for a more professional, elegant design, embroidery is the choice for you.

Matching Colors

Extra Graphic offers a multitude of different color threads and can order any color you desire for your design. Utilizing a color wheel helps when choosing colors that work well together for embroidery. You can use multiple shades of the same color, or two colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel in order to create a complementary color scheme. Due to the high contrast between the two colors, your design will be vibrant and stand out. Another option is to choose colors that sit directly next to one another on the color wheel, which creates a design that may be more appealing to the eyes. This is called an analogous color scheme. Or, you don’t have to use a color wheel at all, and go about choosing your colors your own way.

Extra Graphic is Here for You!

If you are seeking a service that can provide you with custom, high-quality, made-to-last embroidery work, Extra Graphic is the right choice for you. Our passionate, experienced, highly creative team of graphic designers has been helping people across southern California, mainly San Diego, materialize the designs of their dreams for years. We offer custom-embroidered shirts, bags, hats, and more. Contact Extra Graphic at 619-354-XTRA (9872) to explore options available for your custom products!

Gone are the days of flat printed, boring t-shirts and apparel! Nowadays, more people are turning to embroidery for both their personal or professional attire needs. Our team at Extra Graphic offers exceptional quality products that are sure to make a lasting impression with everyone you encounter.

Regardless of whether you need a custom shirt for a sporting event, business attire, or for everyday use, we at Extra Graphic have you covered. We offer custom embroidery designs that are sure to fit every occasion. Regardless of whether you need a polo or t-shirt designed to names, logos, numbers, or other artwork, we offer an array of options that are sure to fit your needs and budget.

Before deciding if embroidery is the best option for you, it is crucial that you understand what embroidery is as well as when it may be the best option for your products.

What is Embroidery?

Surely, we have all seen the beautifully stitched designs on clothing in and around San Diego. Most people do not understand the complex process of transferring beautiful images onto the fabric with stitching and needlework. This is a process that is called embroidery.

Embroidery is a form of art we use to take your custom designs and transfer them onto t-shirts and various other products by sewing. Our team at Extra Graphic takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of all our embroidered products. Your designs are expertly sewn onto the product of your choice for a clean and clear classic look that is sure to last. We take our time in selecting threads and integrating colors into complex designs to ensure they come together perfectly. Not only are embroidered products beautiful, but they are made to last. Embroidery is extremely durable and a breathtakingly beautiful option for shirts for business, play, and more.

Embroidery is a type of custom design method that is preferred for a variety of types of products that we, at Extra Graphic, offer our customers in San Diego.

The Difference Between Embroidery and Screen Printing

Although embroidery and screen printing are two of the main methods used for adding logos and designs to t-shirts and other products, there are some differences that should be taken into consideration when deciding what type of product you need.

To begin with, screen printing is the process of transferring a design onto a shirt or another product through the use of ink and screens. The color is pressed onto the fabric in layers, which creates minimal texture and a stylish finish. On the other hand, embroidery is the process of sewing designs and logos onto shirts and other products. Embroidering a design involves the use of a machine and computer, which can quickly stitch in multiple colors and designs into products quickly.

When it comes to determining the key differences between the two methods, the cost is generally a leading concern. People who are interested in placing logos and other complex designs can benefit greatly through the use of embroidery. Embroidered costs are generally flat-rate and do not depend on the number of colors being incorporated. This makes embroidery an exceptional option for complex logos and images. Screen printing can be expensive as the costs are determined by the number of colors or layers being incorporated into a design.

When it comes to the suitability of a product, embroidery is an exceptional option for both polo shirts and business shirts due to the fact that they are generally perceived as being more prestigious. Embroidery is often selected as the preferred option for caps, jackets, and other types of outerwear.

Given the fact that embroidery is generally bulky, especially in comparison to screen printing.  Embroidery can be a little heavy on plain t-shirts and other lightweight garments. Contact our team at Extra Graphic to explore options available for all your customer t-shirt, screen printing, or embroidery needs.

The Pros and Cons of Embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, this style of custom t-shirt comes with a variety of pros and cons. Embroidery is truly the gold standard of imprints. Embroidered shirts look distinct, crisp, and extremely professional. These designs are extremely precise and present near-perfect quality, making it a must-have option for fancy and elite occasions.

In addition to presenting superior quality products, embroidered products are designed to last. With proper care, the embroidery can last on an item for years. Embroidery does not fade out or wash away. Instead, it becomes part of the fabric of the item. Threads used during embroidery are made to hold up better than most screen printed products. Embroidery is something that is truly customizable. Unlike screen printing, there are no limitations to the number of colors and designs that can be incorporated into your product. Embroidery prints are typically programmed into a machine so it is much easier for computers to switch from one color to the next while transferring a design.

Like other custom t-shirt options, there are some downsides to embroidery. The main disadvantage of embroidered products is that they tend to cost more money up-front. Thankfully, the durability and quality of these products make the initial investment well worth it. If you are interested in a custom embroidered t-shirt, contact Extra Graphic to see how we can help you!

Our Team at Extra Graphic Can Help You

If you live in the San Diego area and you are in need of custom embroidery work, contact Extra Graphic today! Our team has extensive experience in designing and producing high-quality products for customers all over southern California. We offer custom embroidered t-shirts, bags, and more. Who said embroidery was a thing of the past? It is widely popular and more stylish than ever! If you need custom apparel with customer logos, designs, and lettering you are in luck! Contact Extra Graphic at 619-354-XTRA (9872) to explore options available for your custom products!